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Iconic Genius
The last marketing company told you the key to your success was SEO.
The truth is, SEO is the down in the trenches traffic stronghold you can use as a baseline for traffic efforts but that is just a foundation.
Developing a lifestyle marketing strategy should be your first and foremost priority because it will help guide you every step of the way. It will help you drive the decisions you make about the paid traffic, publicity, and how you use social.
Other factors that drive SEO:
Content Marketing
Online Advertising
Email Marketing
Social Media
Lead Generation
The future of SEO and digital marketing is here already. Your digital marketing needs our lifestyle marketing approach. Which means having articles/posts/videos created that meet stringent editorial criteria while serving a purpose for the brand.
Now is the time to allow our veteran staff help your business.
Join us today http://IconicGenius.com/
Our concept is simple. We connect brands with consumer lifestyle.
Our social media approach includes:
Content management
Analytic reporting
Content creation
Consumer engagement
Brand awareness
Costumer service
Brand reputation management

Don't Be Fooled

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