Staff Officer (analyst Knowledge Development)

Post/Vacancy Number:
Staff Officer (Analyst Knowledge Development)
Operations Directorate/N2 Division
NATO Body:
Headquarters Allied Maritime Command
Northwood, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Closing Date:
19 February 2019
This job is advertised for recruitment purposes in anticipation of formal authorisation to offer a contract to the selected candidate. If authorisation to offer a contract is not obtained, the selection process will be cancelled with no further obligation to the applicants.
Serving staff members will be offered a contract according to the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations (NCPRs). Newly recruited staff will be offered a Definite Duration contract of three years normally followed by an Indefinite Duration contract. The provisions of NCPRs 57.2 will be applied where applicable.
Serving NATO International Civilians are requested to apply via the following link and inform their Civilian Personnel Office www.nato.int/recruitment-internal
External candidates are required to apply electronically through the NATO Talent Acquisition Programme (NTAP):
Upon completion of administrative procedures following the selection of the suitable candidate.
GBP 6,030.91 per month (Tax-Free), to which relevant allowances will be payable if applicable.
Allied Maritime Command is the Maritime Theatre Component Commander delivering 360 degree maritime focused awareness and connectivity while planning and commanding the full range of maritime operations.
The Operations Directorate coordinates all operational activities controlled by HQ MARCOM and supports other command and entities as required.
The N2 Division conducts all Operational Intelligence related activities in support of COM MARCOM's direction and guidance.
The Intelligence Knowledge, Analysis and Production (INTEL KNW ANALY & PROD) Branch is charged with developing and promulgating comprehensive Maritime Situational Awareness.
The Analysis and Knowledge Development Section looks outward to develop an accomplished information sharing organization in order to best serve COM MARCOM in pursuit of the Commander's operational objectives.
The incumbent is responsible to the Section Head Analysis and Knowledge Development for coordinating the HQ-wide Knowledge Development process in support of maritime baseline activities and operations.
B. REPORTS TO: OMC OIAA 0010 ? Section Head (Analysis and Knowledge Development), OF-4 C. PRINCIPAL DUTIES
The incumbent's duties are:
Supports planning, execution, and assessment of maritime baseline activities and current operations by providing a holistic view of the engagement space to enable identifying the most effective Political, Military, Civil and Economic instruments.
Coordinates the HQ-wide knowledge development process to understand the operational environment of a maritime engagement space.
Supports the Section Head Analysis and Knowledge Development in fusing and analyzing all information coming from the Political, Military, Economic, Social, Infrastructure and Information (PMESII) domain and brings isolated information from various sources and stakeholders together, through System of Systems Analysis (SoSA) to develop actionable knowledge and to provide a comprehensive view and understanding of the engagement space.
Conducts all-source intelligence analysis and integrates specific products into the system analysis.
Advises the Section Head Analysis and Knowledge Development on and assists in identifying and formulating knowledge requirements in order to direct information gathering and collection.
Advises on and assists in collecting and assessing data, evaluating perspectives and lessons identified/learned from non-NATO civilian actors and PfP Nations.
Collaborates with NATO and non-NATO experts and institutions across the Knowledge network to fulfill analysis requirements in coordination with the Knowledge Management and Intelligence Systems (KNW MGT&INTEL SYS) Branch.
Produces timely knowledge reports to support maritime baseline activities and operations in HQ MARCOM's Area of Intelligence Interest.
Undertakes work as part of a project team or working group as directed or assigned.
Is the ACO-wide MARCOM representative to all Knowledge Development related conferences.
Submits observations in his/her area of expertise and contributes to the Lessons Learned process.
The employee may be required to perform a similar range of duties elsewhere within the organization at the same grade without there being any change to the contract.
Incumbent may be required to perform collateral duties of functions related to the N2 Staff of one or more HQ-multifunctional teams, depending on operational requirements.
The incumbent may be required to undertake operational deployment and/or TDY assignments both within and without NATO's boundaries for up to 183 days in any period of 547 days.
This post has been identified as a source of manpower to fill a Crisis Establishment post in line with tiered reinforcement needs of ACO CEs.
The work is normally performed in a Normal NATO office working environment / Secure office environment with artificial light and air (e.g. Bunker).
Normal Working Conditions apply.
The risk of injury is categorized as: No risk / risk might increase when deployed.
1. Professional/Experience
(a) Intelligence (General)
Activities that encompass planning, managing, and conduct of activities to collect, analyze, process, exploit, produce, and disseminate intelligence information, including human, identity signal, imagery, and measurement and signature intelligence; assess industrial, technological, geographical, and sociological factors; use processed intelligence information to support military operations; prepare intelligence assessments; use and manage intelligence data handling systems; and exchange information and intelligence with other MoD, NATO HQs, agencies and organizations.
Skill Level (Ensure/Advise)
Works under broad direction. Work is often self-initiated. Is fully responsible for meeting allocated technical and/or project/supervisory objectives. Establishes milestones and has a significant role in the assignment of tasks and/or responsibilities. Influences organization, customers, suppliers, partners and peers on the contribution of own specialism. Builds appropriate and effective business relationships. Makes decisions which impact the success of assigned work, i.e. results, deadlines and budget. Has significant influence over the allocation and management of resources appropriate to given assignments. Performs an extensive range and variety of complex technical and/or professional work activities. Undertakes work which requires the application of fundamental principles in a wide and often unpredictable range of contexts. Understands the relationship between own specialism and wider customer/organizational requirements. Advises on the available standards, methods, tools and applications relevant to own specialism and can make appropriate choices from alternatives.
Analyses, designs, plans, executes and evaluates work to time, cost and quality targets. Assesses and evaluates risk. Communicates effectively, both formally and informally. Demonstrates leadership. Facilitates collaboration between stakeholders who have diverse objectives. Takes all requirements into account when making proposals. Takes initiative to keep skills up to date. Mentors colleagues. Maintains an awareness of developments in industry. Analyses requirements and advises on scope and option for continuous operational improvement. Demonstrates creativity, innovation and ethical thinking in applying solutions for the benefit of the customer/stakeholder.
Previous experience in the Intelligence functional area required. Experience could have been gained either through commanding military intelligence units; providing military intelligence coordination at various levels of command; involvement in the intelligence collection management process to include targeting experience in joint and multinational operations; developing doctrine, organizations and equipment for the intelligence community; or served as an intelligence instructor. Incumbent needs to be familiar with the Knowledge Development process and the analysis of NATO's PMESII domains.
(b) Intelligence Information Management
Activities that encompass the identification of required information, the tasking of collection assets, the collation and refinement of information from a variety of intelligence sources.
Additional experience is required in supporting maritime operations, preparing assessments, managing or using intelligence data handling systems, and exchanging intelligence with other MoD, NATO HQs, agencies and organizations.
2. Education/Training
University degree in criminology, police, public or business administration, administration of justice, criminal law, comparative general management, political theory, behavioral or social psychology or related discipline and 4 years post related experience, or Higher Secondary education and completed advanced vocational training in that discipline leading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation with 5 years' post related and 2 years function related experience.
3. Security Clearance
4. Language
English SLP 3333 (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)
NOTE: The work both oral and written in this post and in this Headquarters as a whole is conducted mainly in English.
1. Professional/Experience
Educational and practical background of one of the different PMESII domains, preferably derived from a university education and working experience. Familiarity with SoSA and the Knowledge Development process.
Background experience covering staff functions, preferably in a NATO environment.
NATO Intel Functional Area Systems training.
International experience, e.g. working for UN, NATO, EU, National Commerce or Development Departments involved in foreign development or large trans-national business.
Professional experience in the SoSA process both at NATO and national level.
Experience in National and NATO staff operations.
2. Education/Training
Able to perform activities that encompass planning, managing, and conduct of activities to collect, analyse, exploit, produce, and disseminate all source intelligence information; assessing industrial, technological, geographical, and socio-cultural factors; using processed intelligence information to support military operations; preparing intelligence assessments; using and managing intelligence data handling systems; and exchanging information and intelligence with other MoD, NATO HQs, agencies and organizations.
NATO Comprehensive Operations Planning Course (JPL-OP-3555) provided by NATO ? School Oberammergau (NSO)
NATO Open Source Intelligence Course (INT-AS-3859) provided by NATO ? School Oberammergau (NSO)
NATO Intelligence Processing Course (INT-AS-32201) provided by NATO ? School Oberammergau (NSO)
NATO Intelligence Functional Systems Training (NIFST) (INT-SU-11935) provided by NATO ? Communications and Information Systems School (NCISS)
NATO Intelligence Course (NS) (INT-AI-2002) provided by NATO ? School Oberammergau (NSO)
NATO Intelligence Warning System (NIWS) Course (NS) (INT-AI-3047) provided by NATO ? School Oberammergau (NSO)
NATO Intelligence Analyst Course (NS) (INT-AA-4003) provided by NATO ? School Oberammergau (NSO)
C. CIVILIAN POSTS 1. Personal Attributes
The incumbent is able to integrate into a military organization and work in a team. Good communication skills are essential to interaction at required levels. Frequently works under pressure, works long/irregular hours, and carries high workload. Must be able to work outside normal office hours and environment. Must be able to travel regularly to other HQ or organizations for co-ordination and ready to deploy temporarily to deployed HQ in support of development of Security requirements. The incumbent must be flexible and able to work in more than one context simultaneously. Good health is required.
2. Managerial Responsibilities
There are first line reporting responsibilities for 1 x OR-9.
3. Professional Contacts
The incumbent is required to establish and maintain appropriate professional contacts within HQ MARCOM as well as with his counterparts throughout ACO, local, regional and international security organizations. The incumbent will establish procedures for routine sharing of information. He/she will represent MARCOMs Knowledge Development and brief senior staff officers and senior leadership on his/her area of expertise.
4. Contribution to the Objectives
PMESII System of Systems Analysis represents the most important contribution to the knowledge development process. It is the prerequisite of the advice given to the HQ leadership and staff and directly impacts upon policy guidance issued within the HQ, subordinate commands and deployed formations. The incumbent's analysis and recommendations will influence the NATO operational level planning and decision-making process.
5. Supervisory Responsibilities
Directs and supervises the work priorities of the Knowledge Development (KD) element and coordinates the HQ-wide KD process. Directs and supervises the work of the Analysis & KD Section if deputizing the Section Head Analysis & KD.
Duties include leading and coaching; explaining or demonstrating work functions;
counselling and motivating, assigning and reviewing work; ensuring health and environmental safety; maintaining and adjusting work schedules; assessing performance and initiating disciplinary action, and/or implementing new or changed work procedures.

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